Student Instructors Teach C.P.R, First Aid

Walking into the annex building along side my teacher and peer, we were preparing to certify students in CPR and first aid. Being in a setting like this one, with other young teens both female and male, was scary and exciting at the same time. We had walked into this annex building with our hearts in our throats and by the time we had left,we had 110% confidence.

As we met these students, it was great that there was no judgment against us and no disrespect, almost like it couldn’t have been real. We got everything ready, and we began to teach. We got to eat lunch with them and get to know one another; it was funny watching some of the students try to give CPR to one of the Annie dolls! If Annie dolls had ribs they would have been broken. Time flew by. I was trying to take my time teaching, but we were having so much fun that by two o’clock it was time to get out of there.

We had two of these events;the second one was just a week after the first one. This was a lot more fun than the first time. We felt like we had known these kids forever! They were very friendly with us; we went on and on talking about school, some more school, and school! They made us laugh to the point that our cheeks hurt. The one thing that really got our attention was that these students had to attend this course because they were short a credit to move onto the next grade. This was their summer break, but they still came in with a positive attitude!