In order to reach the top of a Colorado 14er, one must focus on one step at a time. That is one of the many lessons learned this summer by Student Athletes and ROP Staff Members who hiked Mt. Sherman, Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert. Under the guidance and leadership of Group Living Counselor Jaimie Luce, each trip approximately 10 Student Athletes participated in the rituals of mountain climbing: preparing the backpacks, waking up at 3:00 a.m., packing lunches and snacks, loading the vans and witnessing the exchange of light between the moon and sun while driving through the mountains towards the trailhead. Mt. Sherman served as the first 14er for the majority in the group. Stark and treeless for most of the path, Sherman’s summit views and glaciers, some made conveniently into human slides, were exciting rewards for the hikers. Mountains Massive and Elbert offered more laborious and challenging terrain including longer ascents, steep boulder fields and summit rock scrambling. The ending rewards were equally as monumental however, with views of the Continental Divide, countless glacier lakes and the pride of climbing the two highest peaks in Colorado. For Student Athletes and Staff alike, these trips provided experiences and memories of a lifetime!


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