Alumni from Near and Far

A compilation of current students and prospering alumni came together to create the Betty K. Marler annual summer alumni gathering. Girls traveled from different areas of Colorado to eat, mingle, and rejoin with those they haven’t seen in some time. With the support of a local restaurant, everyone was able to enjoy a laid back but eventful evening. The girls began the night with conversing, then ended it several pictures down and plates of food later. Alumni saw their favorite staff members from direct care to therapists. Girls soon to be transitioning into the community were able to see their friends out in society being successful with jobs, school, cars and new routines; which led to conversations about others’ plans for the future. In the end, we each walked away with smiles on our faces and hearts filled with joy knowing that we only wave goodbye for the time being; we leave with the future open to our decisions and the outcome to the worlds disposal.




Thank you to all that came, thank you to the staff that supervised and thank you to Ms. Shipman and Rite of Passage who made the event possible.