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Welcome to Betty K Marler Center

This past weekend, five young women from the Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center (BMYSC) participated in the 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk for Juvenile Justice at Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado.


This run/walk celebrates October as Juvenile Justice Awareness Month, recognized by advocacy and community organizations across the country.  The goal is to promote a juvenile justice system that holds youth accountable in developmentally appropriate ways. This system upholds safety and gives youth, families and community health, hope and healing in their often troubled and difficult lives.


All of the girls completed the 5K and were proud to support this endeavor. They were moved by the number of people from the community who showed up to provide encouragement and support to the cause. As one girl stated, "People care about us and want to learn about what we need." Each girl received a $500.00 gift certificate for their participation.


Experiences like this remind all of us that together we can continue to make a difference for our nation's young people.